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2017 Chairman’s Message

Greetings to the Knights of Columbus Families!  read more »

KC College Savings Reward Plan

I would like to share with my brother knights some information about the newest KCFAPI Plan, it’s called the “KC College Savings Reward Plan”. It is an endowment type designed for the education of our children. The younger a child is enrolled to the plan the cheaper are its insurance contributions. A child can be enrolled as early as six months and would start receiving the anticipated endowments every semester at age sixteen up to twenty two years old.  read more »

2016 Christmas Message

POPE BENEDICT XV succeeded Pope Pius X on September 3, 1914 after the death of the latter on August 20, 1914. He was a pontiff until his death on January 22, 1922. His reign as pope was very difficult as it was during his time that most of the First World War happened. WWI begun on July 28, 1914 and ended on November 11, 1918. Fighting was very fierce as they had to fight in very close quarters as their trenches were only about 100 feet apart. Casualty was very high on both sides.  read more »

Do you believe in a guardian angel?

After all according to many writings not necessarily of the Faith, guardian angels have been with us from the very beginning. But what does it do or what is the very purpose of its existence? It is an accepted fact in the Faith that we are all born with a guardian angel who is assigned to each of us to guide and protect us from harm and sin. However, in the final analysis, it’s still our choice to heed the warning or refuse the help of our personal guardian angel.  read more »


During the year 2014, the focal point of KCFAPI’s thrusts and programs was its theme ONE IN TRANSCENDING CHALLENGES AS PROTECTORS OF GOD’S GIFTS as culled from Pope Francis’ call for the entire Catholic faithful to put Christ at the core of our vocation so we can protect Him in ourselves as well as protect others, our parish and our community.  read more »


            For the year 2013 KCFAPI, guided by its Vision and Mission, focused its programs, projects and activities on the theme PROCLAIMING AND CELEBRATING FAITH. The year had nearly all of the twelve months of the Year of Faith which appropriately started the New Evangelization proclaimed by the Vatican, a nine-year journey which will end in the year 2021 with the Jubilee Year that will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines.  read more »

Bless Life!

KCFAPI’s theme for the year 2012 was BLESS LIFE. Neither an exaggerated emotion or a maudlin sentiment, nor sheer serendipity drove us to adopt this theme. The choice was Divine-inspired, for the year 2012 was the year when the Catholic Church in the Philippines thru the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) strongly urged and asked all the Filipinos to honor and bless life by rejecting the anti-life RH (Reproductive Health) Bill and to start in October our journey in the “Year of Faith” and to prepare for the celebration of the New Evangelization which will end on the 500th year anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines in 2021. At the heart of both events is our Life as authentic Christians and faithful followers of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  read more »

Columbus Day 2012

October 12 of every year – observed as a legal holiday in the United States of America to commemorate its discovery on 12 October 1492 by Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer in the service of Spain. To the Catholic Church, the discovery opened the evangelization of the new world. Columbus was authentically faithful to his given name – Christopher – which means bearing Christ. The discovery became the cornerstone of the Order of the Knights of Columbus which was organized in honor of Christopher Columbus 390 years later by Fr. Michael J. McGivney.  read more »

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