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The year in retrospect, saw the country successfully register a bright economic growth rate making its mark as the third fastest growing economy in Asia. The insurance industry however was on a different trend. In the first nine months of the year, the industry went on a slow down especially with life insurance companies in terms of total premiums. The slowdown however did not perturb your Association’s strong financial stability and remained resolute to its commitment to provide a secure future for us, brother knights and our families.  read more »


During the year 2014, the focal point of KCFAPI’s thrusts and programs was its theme ONE IN TRANSCENDING CHALLENGES AS PROTECTORS OF GOD’S GIFTS as culled from Pope Francis’ call for the entire Catholic faithful to put Christ at the core of our vocation so we can protect Him in ourselves as well as protect others, our parish and our community.  read more »


Rev. Raisun John Romana Placino and Rev. Vic Eclevea Tabernilla, two of the seminarian-scholars of KC Fr. George J. Willmann Charities, Inc., were ordained as Deacon last May 11, 2015 by Most Reverend Emilio Z. Marquez, D.D., Bishop of Lucena at the Our Mother of Good Counsel Chapel St. Alphonsus Regional Seminary, Brgy. Isabang, Lucena City.  read more »


Bro. Alonso L. Tan, Supreme Director of the Knights of Columbus and President of the Knights of Columbus Fr. George J. Willmann Charities, Inc., recently announced the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s Religious Scholarship Program beginning School Year 2015-2016. The Foundation offers scholarships for diocesan-seminarians taking their studies at Theology level and Licentiate/Doctoral Studies locally. Named scholars for diocesan-seminarians in Luzon are: Jeffrey C. Abing (Apostolic Vicariate of Taytay, Palawan), Michael BJ F.  read more »

Team Love Bank: Home Is Where the Heart Is

This piece could be a tad mushy that you would think it is too deceitful because a grown-up wrote it. Have you noticed which part of the society being mushy is generally accepted? The children. Why? You already know it, you’ve grown too much that you gradually leave behind the knowledge of what matters most. As Monsieur Antoine de Saint-Exupery puts it, “Only the children know what they are looking for.”

A house or a home? When you say homeless, what is it that you typically connote it with? They have no shelter, a place to live in, a four-walled structure with a roof, an infrastructure…that’s it. A house, then. So why not call them houseless? Why homeless? Because it’s a custom. Try to understand beyond it and you will spot the difference. For the month of July, the Year of the Poor project focused on the homeless. And Team Love Bank directed its efforts on Nanay Rosa and her family, a resident homeless of Intramuros, Manila.  read more »


To serve and to care, this gesture transformed each participant to become a chosen people whose hope is in Jesus Christ, whose immeasurable compassion inspired the participants to share their time and effort to give hope to these homeless families and street children of Intramuros, Manila so that they may come and see the goodness of God at work. The Care for the Street Children and Homeless is just one simple voice about caring for others hoping that it echoes and multiplies just as how our Lord Jesus Christ was able to feed the five thousand, with just five small barley loaves and two small fish (John 6:1-15). It is a miracle, but on the second thought, it is the power of sharing through the compassion of Jesus Christ that started it all, and they had more than enough to eat.  read more »

Warriors of a Kind

They are the children of underprivileged families who are still in their early years, some barely a year old, some are toddlers while the others are kids in their teenage years. At an early stage in their life the child, and parents, already faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge before them. They are but a few of the thousands of children from all over the country who have been diagnosed with cancer or with other ailments and had taken refuge at the Child Haus while undergoing treatment from various hospitals.  read more »

Team Generous - Children of the Streets

We see them every day on our way to work, knocking at car windows begging for food to fill their hungry stomachs. Sometimes we see them gathered in a dark street corner scrounging for food from waste bins. It’s an everyday sight we take for granted yet we are indifferent of the dire situation these children face every day. Driven from their home in the provinces by poverty and desperation their families set off to the city hoping for a better living opportunity.  read more »

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