Luzon District Deputies hold Mid-Year Meeting

MANILA, Dec. 9, 2010—Luzon Deputy and Supreme Director Alonso L. Tan, together with his State Officers conducted a Mid-Year Meeting of Luzon District Deputies on Dec. 4 and 5 at Makati Palace Hotel in Makati City.

One hundred sixty-four District Deputies out of two hundred twenty-one from Luzon, five State Officers and thirty-five Directors and Chairmen of the Membership and Program Committees attended the said meeting.

The meeting started with a prayer for the beatification of Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ led by Arturo B. Andres, Membership Recruitment Chairman and an opening ode by Manuel L. Naldoza, Insurance Promotion Chairman.

LD Tan gave his welcome remarks and Luzon Deputy’s report.

A membership report about Luzon District Deputies’ assessment of progress, plans and programs for next semester from January to June was presented by Joseph P. Teodoro, State Membership Director. He focused on membership recruitment, membership retention, new council development, council retention, protocol, report on KCFAPI, and presentation of Fathers for Good, the search for Knights of Columbus model fathers in the Philippines.

A workshop on the council report forms and awards was given by Efren V. Mendoza, State Seminar Director. It tackled on the membership target achieved as of date. About twenty have already achieved one hundred percent of the membership target.

Thereafter leaders of about ten groups have presented the output of the workshop.

Vicente V. Ortega, State Church Director led the praying of the rosary with a short explanation of the distinctive features of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

A service program about the theme for this Columbian Year orderwide, “I am My Brother’s Keeper,” was presented by Bonifacio B. Martinez, State Program Director. It emphasized on one’s acceptance of the responsibility towards brothers in Christ, the needs of the beneficiaries, of the underprivileged, handicapped and oppressed.

Legal matters on how to handle complaints, mediate and settle issues was discussed by Justice Jose C. Reyes, Jr., State Advocate.

A special report from Supreme Office on the assessment of membership achievement of the three jurisdictions focusing on Luzon was presented by Eduardo G. Laczi, Director of Fraternal Service for Philippine Affairs.

Gregorio S. Gonzales, Jr., State Formator, echoed the highlights of the recently held 17th Asia-Pacific Congress on Faith, Life and Family held at Dusit Hotel in Makati. He put emphasis on topics such as population control, culture of death, and the anti-life unholy Trinity.

Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III, Assistant State Chaplain, presented a clear perspective about Reproductive Health Bill. Video clips were shown to reveal the negative impact of the bill on certain countries.

A closing prayer for the canonization of Fr. Michael J. McGivney led by Aurelio C. Caparas, State New Council Development Chairman followed.

The group afterwards gathered for dinner and Christmas fellowship to share with each other the spirit of the season.

The second day started with a Eucharistic celebration presided over by Msgr. Quitorio.

Arsenio Isidro G. Yap, State Secretary, discussed on matters regarding State administration.

Joven B. Joaquin, State Treasurer dealt on the Supreme Council Assessment and State Deputy Assessment and spiritual formation.

Jose F. Cuaresma, State Columbian Squires Chairman, presented a status report of the Columbian Squires and on the ways the district deputies can support to strengthen the Knights’ youth organization.

Deogenes V. Francia, Ceremonial Director discussed on the relevant matters concerning ceremonials such as the admission of candidate on the first degree and responsibilities of the District Deputies on the second and third degree.

Victor E. Pulangco, State Fourth Degree Affairs Chairman focused on the Fourth Degree affairs.

During the awarding ceremonies, Luzon Deputy Tan conferred the Squires of the Body of Christ, the highest award of the Knights of Columbus’ youth organization because of their exemplary leadership, to Columbian Squires Gerald Paul S.D Pascual and Jonathan S. Acsaba.

A closing prayer led by Joven P. Dy, chairman of the Round Table of District Deputies and closing ode by Rolando S. Luciano, Council Retention Chairman concluded the meeting. (Vanessa Puno)

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