Columbus Day 2012

October 12 of every year – observed as a legal holiday in the United States of America to commemorate its discovery on 12 October 1492 by Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer in the service of Spain. To the Catholic Church, the discovery opened the evangelization of the new world. Columbus was authentically faithful to his given name – Christopher – which means bearing Christ. The discovery became the cornerstone of the Order of the Knights of Columbus which was organized in honor of Christopher Columbus 390 years later by Fr. Michael J. McGivney.

Columbus Day 2012 brings to the KCFAPI and the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines and their families new spiritually-filled events which can further strengthen the foundation of their Faith and make them fearless soldiers of Christ and ambassadors of God in a world of unprecedented turmoil and gloom.

October 2012 ushers in two major celebrations of the Catholic Church – the year of Faith and the New Evangelization. By Divine inspiration and plan these two celebrations have become inseparable twins of one great event of special value to the Philippines and the Filipino people in all places of the world – the canonization on 21 October of Blessed Pedro Calungsod. He will be the second Filipino Saint. With him and the First Filipino Saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz, we are assured of Divine guidance and assistance in all we do. The canonization is in fact a new evangelization to which all Knights of Columbus and their families must focus to renew themselves in the Faith, in the service of God, country and fellowmen.

October 2012 should then be the measure of the depth, height and breath of our being members of the Knights of Columbus, and of the heart, soul and mind of our being Catholics in our country facing many challenges that affect our religious freedom, the family, marriage and life itself. Being thus so measured should not be found wanting.


Chairman, KCFAPI

Father of Knights of Columbus in the Philippines


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