Bless Life!

KCFAPI’s theme for the year 2012 was BLESS LIFE. Neither an exaggerated emotion or a maudlin sentiment, nor sheer serendipity drove us to adopt this theme. The choice was Divine-inspired, for the year 2012 was the year when the Catholic Church in the Philippines thru the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) strongly urged and asked all the Filipinos to honor and bless life by rejecting the anti-life RH (Reproductive Health) Bill and to start in October our journey in the “Year of Faith” and to prepare for the celebration of the New Evangelization which will end on the 500th year anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines in 2021. At the heart of both events is our Life as authentic Christians and faithful followers of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The year 2012 also marked the canonization of the second Filipino saint – San Pedro Calungsod – and the elevation to the College of Cardinals of our own His Eminence Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle – one of our Advisors and a member of the KCFAPI Founder-Members Committee. Both have blessed, and will continue to bless, our lives.

With the Divine-inspired theme KCFAPI formulated and pursued in 2012 plans, programs and activities which took into consideration the benefits for the members and their families of the Knights of Columbus in the three Jurisdictions in the Philippines designed to improve their lives and secure the future of those who are left behind under its various mutual benefit/insurance plans, as well as the sharing of its blessings in terms of resources, time and talent to, among other things, assist the CBCP and the Catholic Church in the Philippines and its bishops and priests and even the Supreme Council of the Order of the Knights of Columbus in its various programs, and the delivery of immediate assistance to victims of natural calamities.

Indeed, the theme made 2012 another great and memorable banner year for the KCFAPI. This 2012 Annual Report briefly details and memorializes the outstanding “Bless Life” accomplishments. I thank God for this miracle which was made possible by and through the unqualified commitment, dedication to duty and loyalty to service of the KCFAPI Board of Trustees, officers and staff and our Fraternal Benefits field representatives who gave their best “Bless Life” legacies. My gratitude to them is without measure.

V I V A T J E S U S!


Father of Knights of Columbus in the Philippines


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