For the year 2013 KCFAPI, guided by its Vision and Mission, focused its programs, projects and activities on the theme PROCLAIMING AND CELEBRATING FAITH. The year had nearly all of the twelve months of the Year of Faith which appropriately started the New Evangelization proclaimed by the Vatican, a nine-year journey which will end in the year 2021 with the Jubilee Year that will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines. The word FAITH in the theme becomes more singularly significant because it creates an acronym that spells out the extent and magnitude of what KCFAPI shall pursue in 2013: Fulfilling its Mission; Achieving its Vision; Innovating in a New Dimension; Transcending Challenges Beyond Expectations; and Heightening Engagement and Satisfaction. This acronym is the motivating factor which directed the energies, efforts, time, talent and industry of KCFAPI and its Trustees, officers, employees, and the Fraternal Benefits field representatives toward the accomplishment of the goals of the theme to ensure that in the Year of Faith. KCFAPI would be an effective instrument in affirming Faith and reintroducing the faithful, especially the members of the Knights of Columbus in the three State Jurisdictions in the Philippines and the members of their families, to an authentic reflection on and to a rediscovery of our Faith. We know that Faith, Hope and Love (1 Corinthians 13) are the cornerstone values of our Christian life, with Love as the greatest. The pursuit of the 2013 theme and KCFAPI’s selfless dedication to fulfill its inspired ends were the visible manifestations of that Love. Verily, at the heart of its 2013 programs, projects and activities was Love expressed in terms of, among other things, insurance protection, increase in the number of benefit certificate holders, aid and financial assistance to victims of calamities and disasters, such as the earthquake in Bohol and supertyphoon Yolanda; increased support to the Catholic Church in the Philippines and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in the pursuit of its objectives and programs, especially in light of the new and transforming thrusts of the new Pope, His Highness Pope Francis, to make the Church truly a Church of the Poor.

            This 2013 Annual Report of KCFAPI records not just the extent of its successful achievements of what the theme PROCLAIMING AND CELEBRATING FAITH signifies, but of the re-invigorated faith of KCFAPI and its Trustees, officers, employees and fraternal benefits field representatives, including the Trustees and officers of the Foundations wholly owned by KCFAPI and the Directors and Officers of its corporations.

            Truly, the year 2013 was a great and memorable year for KCFAPI. The achievements gained must inspire it to work even harder yet. May the year 2014 equal, if not surpass, the 2013 triumphs in the midst of difficulties.

            VIVAT JESUS!


                                                            HILARIO G. DAVIDE, JR.

Father of Knights of Columbus in the Philippines


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