President's Message: God's call for reflection

Even before the season of Advent begins, the signs of Christmas are already around us. We are filled with joy and excitement thinking of what gifts to buy for family and friends. We start decorating our houses with lights, a glittering Christmas tree and at times, a "Belen" - the scene of the Nativity.

Advent is also a time to reflect. As Christians we should reflect on the coming of Christ for the first time and also on the second coming of Christ to save us. Amidst the problems around us, let us recognize anew the saving power of God's love and the peace within our hearts. It is a time to bring our family members closer to God and to one another.

Yes, Christmas is a joyful season of gift-giving. But we can understand and appreciate better the purpose of all the things we do, after we reflect on the reason for all the things we do in preparation for Christmas. Let us take time to pause, recollect ourselves and renew our relationship with God and allow Him to fill our lives with meaning.

Let us go beyond the usual preparation for Christmas. Let us focus on Jesus, His coming and His presence in our lives, especially as Knights of Columbus.

Let us take on the challenge of being Christian models as head of the family in our roles as husband and father. As priest of our home, let us lead our family in prayer of thanksgiving for all the blessings we received this year. Unworthy as we may be, let us commit to be the light of our community, in our Council and even beyond.

Let us continue to serve our brother Knights with Christian joy - the kind of joy focused on Jesus who gave His life as the gift of salvation.

Merry Christmas to your family from our family! Vivat Jesus!


Father of Knights of Columbus in the Philippines


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