KC College Savings Reward Plan

I would like to share with my brother knights some information about the newest KCFAPI Plan, it’s called the “KC College Savings Reward Plan”. It is an endowment type designed for the education of our children. The younger a child is enrolled to the plan the cheaper are its insurance contributions. A child can be enrolled as early as six months and would start receiving the anticipated endowments every semester at age sixteen up to twenty two years old.

Intentionally or not, the plan actually has two purposes. It’s a sales tool that would benefit KCFAPI and at the same time recruitment tool for the Jurisdictions.
Grandparents would always think of what their grandchildren would be in the future. They would always want to secure the financial future of their grandchildren by providing them with the means to a better education. The “KC College Savings Reward Plan” is one method by which a parent can secure the educational needs of their children.

Since so many a parent with so young a child cannot yet afford to buy such a plan, it’s most likely that the grandparents can buy the plan for the needs of their grandchildren. However, grandparents cannot buy directly a plan for their grandchildren since only members of the Knights of Columbus and their immediate family can avail a “Benefit Certificate” from KCFAPI. Immediate family members are the wife, children and parents only. Grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters are not considered immediate.

This is where the “KC College Savings Reward Plan” becomes a recruitment tool. A Fraternal Counselor would share the many benefits of the plan to the grandfather and if the grandfather is sold to the idea, then he would convince his son or son-in-law to join the Knights of Columbus. Two birds with one stone for the Fraternal Counselor.

My wife Annie and I started to save some money for our children’s future ever since our first child was born. Now that we are grandparents of two, we also would like to help our children set-up a fund that would not only provide a better education for our grandchildren but also to help them secure their children’s financial future. One better method and probably the cheapest is through an insurance program. We will continue to help them for as long as we are able to.

I know that most parents would want a better future for their children, but not many are fortunate enough to be able to provide a savings program for their children’s welfare. I know pretty well that foremost in the minds of parents are the welfare of their children whether they can afford it or not.

As responsible members of the Knights of Columbus, we should know too well that “we have no more binding, no more compelling duty than care for the widow and orphan of a departed brother”. I implore all brother knights to take the first step and secure the financial needs of your wife, children and grandchildren.

Father of Knights of Columbus in the Philippines


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