2017 President’s Report

The Year 2017 was another good year for your Association. KCFAPI registered favorable increase in insurance contributions, lower operating expense ratio and solid financial results. Our wholly-owned and majority-owned companies continue to grow organically their business operations. With these results, our two Foundations were able to remain steadfast in their commitment to national development by sending to school poor but deserving students and more seminarians to pursue their religious studies. These accomplishments were achieved by harnessing the power of partnerships with the Order of the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines, developing and maintaining fraternal service and care to our members and continuous development of our people.

As president of KCFAPI, it is my honor to present the performance of your Association for 2017.


As KCFAPI approaches its 60th year in operations, it continues to cover more and more Knights of Columbus members and their families. For 2017 alone, it covered 60,081 Knights of Columbus members and their families with regular plans and/or the group plan under the Council Mortuary Benefit Plan (CMBP) compared to 55,761 covered Brother Knights and families the previous year. Total protection benefits provided amounted to P13.65 Billion from P12.88 Billion in 2016.

Total insurance contribution was P719.2 Million which is higher by P26.3 Million than the previous year’s P692.87 Million or 3.8%. Part of this achievement is attributable to the recorded First Year Contribution (FYC) of P147.3 Million. This is P20.9 Million or 16.52% higher than the 2016 FYC. A total of 6,380 new lives are covered with regular plans. Another contributor is the CMBP insurance contribution of P27 Million covering 54,060 KofC members and families. There was an 11.62% increase in CMBP coverage in terms of lives. P2.26 Billion worth of coverage under the CMBP was given to a total of 915 councils nationwide. We have paid death claims in the amount of P24.73 Million covering 661 lives from the CMBP alone as CMBP is the door opener to the other many plans provided by your Association. It is anticipated that CMBP enrollees will increase their fraternal coverages for their families’ security and protection.

The biggest part of the total insurance contribution comes from Renewal Year Contribution (RYC). In 2017, recorded RYC was P543.3 Million, an increase of P5.9 Million from the P537.4 Million generated in 2016. KCFAPI released P141.49 Million worth of family benefits covering 1,506 lives last year, inclusive of 661 CMBP and Fraternal Accident Death Benefit (FADB). This includes the cash advance on death claims released upon the written request of the beneficiary or sales force prior to the submission of the death certificate and claims statement.

As your Association reached its 6th decade in providing fraternal service, many benefit certificates also reached their maturity dates for endowment plans. Hence, KCFAPI paid more maturity claims in 2017 at P252.9 Million which covered 3,045 lives. This includes early benefits in terms of endowments and return of contributions for the OL-ROC plan. The maturity benefits in 2017 increased by 8.88% from P232.3 Million in 2016 release which is a testament of KCFAPI’s strong commitment to its Benefit Certificate Holders of paying maturity claims when due. Furthermore, in 2017, total Living and Death Benefits granted to Benefit Certificate Holders amounted to P504 Million, an increase of 11.52% from the P451.93 Million released in 2016. This again shows the growing fraternal service which your Association has already given back to its Benefit Certificate Holders and their families.

KCFAPI would not have grown without its sales force who are also our brother knights and family members. They are the link of the Association to its defined market, the Order of the Knights of Columbus. Without whom, we could not reach and touch base with our brother knights and their families. As of December 31, 2017, we have a strong base of 1,132 active Fraternal Counselors all over the country where 283 are new recruits. They are guided by 14 Area Managers, 4 Unit Managers, 5 Agency Area Managers and 17 Agency Unit Managers or a total of 40 Fraternal Benefit Managers nationwide.

During the 11th National Convention which was held in Iloilo City, 31 honorees were awarded for their excellent performance in 2017. The 41st Annual Family Service Awards was held on May 11 to 13 at Iloilo Convention Center, Iloilo City – the love city. The coveted Fraternal Counselor of the Year Award was earned by Bro. Lauro L. Evangelista of the Central Luzon Evangelizers. The Area Manager of the Year Award was given to Bro. Efren C. Casupanan of the Central Luzon Believers. The Area Manager of the Year Runner-up was Bro. Manuel L. Naldoza of the Central Luzon Conquerors. Of the 31 honorees, 14 awardees will be enjoying their Asian trip to Seoul, Korea which is the first time the Asian trip will be held.


Renewal Year Contribution Income would not have grown if not for the continuous patronage of our Benefit Certificate (BC) Holders to keep their coverages inforce. This can be attributed to the special care KCFAPI gives to its BC Holders. At the Home Office, it only takes 1.5 hours or less to process your party waiting requests such as Benefit Certificate loan applications, death claims, maturity claims, surrenders, dividend release and other BC-related inquiries. This is also true for requests needed by our Cabanatuan and Cagayan de Oro Service Offices. For early endowments, these are processed on the day and the BC Holder is informed regarding his endowment before mailing or depositing his early maturity benefit. For death claims, we continue to release cash advances upon the written request of the bereaved family or sales force.

We use technology to our advantage by sending text messages to BC Holders regarding their due dates before, on the due date and after the due date if payment has not yet been paid. We also inform the BC Holders thru text the application of Automatic Contribution Loan (ACL) of their BCs.

Moving forward, the BC Relations Office (BRO) aims to do the following: Provide advisories (thru text blast), how to inquire information about their benefit certificate like benefit certificate status, due date, contribution due, mode of payment, benefit certificate year and outstanding loan by using the Benefit Certificate Inquiry format. This is a special project of the Management Information System Department to be able to give you, our valued Benefit Certificate Holders, direct access regarding your fraternal coverage with KCFAPI. This will become a reality with the newly formatted KCFAPI website.

Our BC Relations Service staff are carefully trained to respond to any inquiries the BC Holder may have and they can be reached through phone (tel. no. 02-527-2223 to 27 (trunkline), mail, fax (fax no. 02-527-2241), electronic mail (kcfraternal@kofc.org.ph), or through our website: www.kofc.org.ph.

KCFAPI has been awarding the Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ Award for Academic Excellence to children of Brother Knights who excelled in their field of endeavour or are top of their class in either the grade school, high school or college level and passers of board or bar examinations. For 2017, there were 6 children who were accorded this award. We are proud of them and we encourage others to always do their level best.


From a P5.2 Billion total resources in 2016, KCFAPI grew by 5.55% reaching a P5.5 Billion asset base for 2017. Total revenue reached the billion peso mark in 2017. This is an increase of 2.47% from total revenue of P992.6 Million in 2016. A year before its 60th anniversary, your Association continues to grow and fulfill its promise to 66,638 KCFAPI members wherein 39,888 are KofC members and 26,750 are family members.

Despite interest rates being in the very low levels, we recorded return on investments of 5.33% exclusive of unrealized loss on Fair Value through Profit and Loss (FVPL). Net investment income was P238.95 Million.

Thus, excess of revenue over expenses before participation of Benefit Certificate Holders was P63.3 Million. From here, P34 Million was declared as dividends to BCHolders which is higher than the P31 Million dividends declared in 2016.

As stewards of the funds reposed to it, KCFAPI has been prudent in managing its investments. As a testament to this, its Risk Based Capital Ratio (RBC) has always been way above the Insurance Code requirement of 100% RBC ratio. For 2017, KCFAPI’s RBC ratio was 159.15%. Internally, KCFAPI maintains a 125% RBC ratio policy as a guide.
Also, your Association operates efficiently by maintaining an operating expense ratio of 16.52% which is lower than the 17.35% ratio in 2016. KCFAPI has always operated within its budget or even below its budget.

The financial statements of your Association is externally audited by Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV). For 2017 the professional fee paid to SGV was P362,880. Also, there were no non-audit engagements with SGV, hence, no non-audit fees were paid and no non-audit fees exceeded the professional fees.

Moreover, there were no mergers or acquisitions and/or takeovers made by KCFAPI in 2017.


Keys Realty and Development Corporation (KRDC), the real estate company of KCFAPI turned 25 years old in 2017. From a seed money of P146 Million from its mother company, it grew to P511 Million in total assets. Aside from its real estate operations, its business includes a memorial chapel and crematory. It also joined the hotel industry with its 29 – room Columbus Plaza Hotel located at the heart of General Santos City in Mindanao. From its various operations, it recorded a net income of P11.2 Million for 2017.

The biggest revenue generating business of KRDC is Holy Trinity Memorial Chapels (HTMC) which is now in its 36th year of operation. It has a total of 25 chapels (10 deluxe or high-end chapels, 6 mid-range priced units, and 9 regular chapels) which is complemented by 2 crematory machines. HTMC consummated in 2017 its tie-up with St. Peter Chapels to be able to cater to more cases and expand its reach. It is now exploring more partnerships with local funeral homes in the countryside.

The Columbus Plaza Hotel is now on its 2nd year of operations and 92% of its 13 commercial units are fully rented out. The prospects of this investment is very promising.

For 2017, Keys Realty increased the market value of its assets through various renovations, repainting, rehabilitation of fire alarm system, waterproofing and the needed repairs to make its buildings and other properties more marketable and presentable to its clients.

Kompass Credit and Financing Corporation (KCFC) will continue to grow as one of the vibrant investments KCFAPI has embarked in. In 2017, it has reduced its interest rates to be comparable with the biggest banks. It has also increased its commission rate to be at par with the industry and has strengthened its pool of loans consultants to increase its market share. Also, it has maintained its very reasonable and beyond compare low processing fee and has accredited more SEC registered and BSP accredited appraisers to help facilitate in the processing of loan applications.

For 2017 total resources of KCFC is P306.9 Million with a net income of P5.0 Million. For 2018, it has targeted a higher revenue of P18.8 Million which is expected to generate a net income of P8.1 Million to be able to declare and pay higher cash dividends to KCFAPI.

Mace Insurance Agency, Inc. serves the non-life insurance needs of the KCFAPI Group of Companies for fire insurance, motor car insurance, accident insurance, and bonds. Its premium rates are competitive and it is fast in the processing of claims. Mace also caters to the needs of the general public. For 2017, it recorded a net income of P1 Million from total assets of P12.4 Million. It has consistently declared and paid cash dividends to KCFAPI.

In partnership with KCFC, Mace has a captured market when it comes to fire and car insurance from borrowers of KCFC. With the growing number of borrowers of KCFC, comes more clients for Mace Insurance Agency, Inc.

The Knights of Columbus Fr. George J. Willmann Charities, Inc. (KCFGJWCI) was established to help our brethren who are called to become servants of God as priests. KC Fr. George Willmann Charities fund the needed financial requirements of the seminarians locally or internationally. For 2017, two more seminarian-scholars were ordained as priests to serve the Diocese of Cabanatuan and the Vicariate of Taytay, Palawan. They are Rev. Fr. Eliezer Malubag and Rev. Fr. Philip Jerold Tan. They joined the 141 priests already ordained through the help of the Fr. Willmann Charities. We pray that more male students enter the seminary/ies to continue the journey of bringing the flock of our Lord to Him.
The 40th Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. George J. Willmann, Servant of God, was held at the San Agustin Church last September 14, 2017 concelebrated by no less than 10 priests with the Main Celebrant Most Rev. Broderick Pabillo, Auxiliary Bishop of Manila. KCFAPI will continue to celebrate the anniversary of its founder, Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ. As the Cause for the Fr. George J. Willmann, Servant of God enters another phase, all prayers are needed to support this undertaking.

As part of the observance of the Lenten Season, the Intramuros Administration assigned the Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ Chapel to be one of the Bisita Iglesya sites inside the Intramuros area. An altar of repose was made in the style of a garden to remember how Jesus prayed and agonized at the Garden of Gethsemani after His supper. Stations of the Cross were put around the chapel to give a deep sense of reflection on the passion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Other churches include the Manila Cathedral-Basilica, San Agustin Church, Mapua University Chapel, Lyceum of the Philippines University Chapel, San Ignacio Church and Guadalupe Shrine in Fort Santiago.

For 2018, the 10th Gathering of Priests was held at Mere Monique Homes, La Paz, Iloilo City coinciding with the 11th Knights of Columbus National Convention. Forty (40) priests together with KCFAPI Spiritual Director Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III participated in this activity to foster stronger brotherhood among our clergy especially that 2018 is the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons.

The KC Philippines Foundations, Inc. (KCPFI) was founded as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of KCFAPI. It not only gives donations to many causes, but assists children who want to go to school despite their financial difficulty. For 2017, thirteen (13) scholars graduated and six (6) passed the board exams in various fields. There are now 353 graduated scholars in the collegiate level helped by KCPFI.
As the country experiences many natural disasters, KCPFI did its share of financially helping families of Brother Knights who were victims of these calamities. A total of P300,000 was donated for the many families who experienced hardships and P100,000 was released to the Marawi families who were misplaced due to the siege.

Last December 27, 2017, the Foundation organized a Christmas Gift-giving for the KC-GK Village in Tungkong Mangga, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Fr. Benjamin Deogracias M. Fajota, President of the KC Priests Scholars Association, officiated the Holy Mass. It was then followed by a short program wherein bags of groceries were distributed to the KofC beneficiaries by the Foundations’ officers and KCFAPI employees. There are 22 houses built and the Fr. George J. Willmann chapel for the Knights of Columbus- GK Village.

As of end-2017, the summary of current scholars and scholar-graduates of both Foundations are:

Current Scholars (2017-2018) = 91 Graduated Scholars = 680

Theology 27 Ordained Priests (Theology) 144
Collegiate 55 Ordained Deacons (Theology) 2
Licentiate – Local 6 Licentiate – Local 35
Licentiate – Rome 3 Licentiate – Rome 31
Collegiate Scholarship 353
Vocational Scholarship 114
High School 1


The Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI) shall maintain the highest standard of integrity, conduct and morality in its business dealings and operations with the public in accordance with the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church and shall pursue its mission with dedication, zeal and enthusiasm to ensure the delivery of quality service to its clientele and enhance and strengthen the latter’s trust and confidence in the KCFAPI and the Order of the Knights of Columbus.

Revised KCFAPI Code of Ethics

The revised KCFAPI Code of Ethics is adhered by all KCFAPI Board of Trustees, Officers, Employees and the wholly-owned and majority-owned companies and Foundations. The Revised Code of Ethics embodies integrity, fair dealing, fidelity to duty, and confidentiality which the Association regard as very important aspects in building trust and confidence to our Brother Knights and their families.

Compliance with Revised Manual on Corporate Governance

The revised manual of corporate governance institutionalizes the principles of sound corporate governance, transparency and accountability in the entire KCFAPI family. One of our Independent Trustee, Bro. German F. Martinez, Jr., is the appointed Compliance Officer and he oversees the compliance to all provisions of the Manual of Corporate Governance. To date, all have complied with the Manual of Corporate Governance.

Compliance with Regulatory Bodies

As stated in our Quality Policy, KCFAPI strictly complies with pertinent and relevant statutory and regulatory requirements prescribed by the Government.

KCFAPI has consistently abided by the regulatory requirements. For 3 years now, it has submitted the requirements of the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS). In keeping with the best practices, KCFAPI not only adopted the tenets of the ACGS but has re-engineered its day-to-day conduct of doing business not only for the good of the Association but foremost for the good of its market, the Order of the Knights of Columbus members and their beloved families. In 2017, it has gained the highest score among the Mutual Benefit Associations (MBAs) assessed reaching a grade of 1.5 x the average MBA score. Also, KCFAPI’s score is almost 2x the average score of the 115 insurance companies and 11 MBAs assessed.

It has complied with the mandates of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the Credit Information System Act and the Data Privacy Act.

The KCFAPI Board of Trustees

The KCFAPI Board of Trustees is composed of members of the Order of the Knights of Columbus with integrity and proven probity. Their fields of experience is wide-range from legal to accounting, engineering, banking, entrepreneurship, the academe and business. The Board members are fraternalists and all 9 are non-executive Trustees. There are two independent Trustees namely: Bros. German F. Martinez, Jr. and Jacinto S. Pancha.

All members of the Board of Trustees are independent non-executive Trustees as they do not have any material interest in the Association. The Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. was formed from the contributions of its Founder Members who in turn became the owners of the Association. The Founder Members’ shares were subsequently assigned and vested to the Founder Members’ Committee (FMC) who retained ownership of KCFAPI. The FMC, as owners and voting members, directly elects the members of the Board of Trustees from the Founder or regular non-voting Members of the Association. In this sense, the members are independent trustees as they do not have any business which could interfere in the exercise of their independent judgement.

The conduct of electing members of the Board of Trustees by the FMC at the annual meeting held last July 6, 2017 is disclosed in the Minutes of the Annual Meeting including the declaration of the results.

As fraternalists, the members of the Board of Trustees do not receive any remuneration including the President/Chief Executive Officer. They are just reimbursed for actual expenses incurred. They also do not receive incentives from the performance of the Association, may it be short or long term in nature.

Education and Trainings

To become more effective members of the Board of Trustees, they are highly encouraged to attend seminars to keep abreast with the economic environment in general and the life insurance industry in particular. As most of them are heads of businesses or hold vital positions in their respective fields of endeavours, they are usually the source of information or are resource speakers themselves.

All Board of Trustees have attended the required seminar on Corporate Governance and Anti-Money Laundering Act.

The Board of Trustees are tasked to review the policies, performance and compliance of the Association. They have reviewed the Quality Policy, Mission and Vision of the KCFAPI and found it adequate for the purpose of the Association. Moreover, the financial performance of the Association including its operations and compliance is being reported monthly during the Board Meetings and are reviewed by the members of the Board. Risk management is a vital part of any going concern and KCFAPI which is in the life insurance business takes on risk on the lives of its BC Holders. It has in place its Risk Management System which is being reviewed regularly by the Management. Any adverse situation/occurrence, if any, are reported to the Board of Trustees. Overall, the Association’s internal control and risk management system is adequate.

The daily operations of the Association is competently handled by the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Ma. Theresa G. Curia. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a Fellow, Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to the study and professionalization of the Philippine Corporate Directorship. She is also a Fellow of the Life Office Management.

The Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee is Bro. German F. Martinez, Jr. The Internal Corporate Audit Department Manager, Bro. David J. Villadiego, a Certified Public Accountant, reports directly to the Audit and Compliance Committee on a regular basis. The Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee reports to the Board of Trustees during the monthly board meetings.

Last November 23, 2017 board meeting, the Board reviewed and approved the 2018 Plans, Programs and Budget of KCFAPI. This includes the strategies to be able to attain the corporate objectives. On a monthly basis during the board meetings, they regularly monitor and oversee the implementation of the corporate strategies.

For the Board Members to have time to review the materials to be discussed during the monthly board meetings, board materials are provided to each Board Member at least 5 working days before the regular monthly meetings.

Annual Performance Assessment of Trustees

One of the strengths stated by the ICD is that KCFAPI has conducted the annual performance assessment of the CEO/President, individual Board of Trustees and Board Committees. This practice will be intensified by the regular updates being included in the Agenda of the monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees where improvements can still be done.


Conflict of Interests

A conflict of interest exists when the objective ability or independence of judgment in performing official duties is impaired or may reasonably appear to be impaired. It is the policy of KCFAPI that utmost diligence and prudence in being aware of conflicts and that these are disclosed and terminated as soon as they arise.

Related Party Transactions (RPTs)

Related Party Transactions shall be conducted in terms that are at least comparable to normal commercial practices to safeguard the best interest of KCFAPI. In all cases, the provisions of Title 20, Chapter III of the Revised Insurance Code shall be complied with. RPTs shall be disclosed fully to the Board of Trustees.

The Independent Board of Trustees are required to review material RPTs to determine whether they are in the best interests of KCFAPI and its members. KCFAPI has not engaged in any RPTs that can be classified as financial assistance to entities other than its wholly-owned or majority-owned companies and Foundations.

Whistle-Blowing Policy

It is the policy of KCFAPI that the Trustees, officers and employees shall disclose or report directly to the Board of Trustees or the Founder Members’ Committee any illegal, immoral, unethical, dishonest, corrupt, fraudulent act, conduct or behavior committed by any one covered by the KCFAPI Revised Code of Ethics.

Also, anyone who whistle-blows is provided protection from any retaliatory actions.


Training and Development Programs

As it is written in the Quality Policy, we value our human resources, hence, we ensure that they are trained to do their best. Last June 2017, the KCFAPI Group of Companies had their bonding time in Bulacan where teams planned, executed and enjoyed the friendly competitions prepared by the Committee. In September 2017, a Financial Statement Literacy Seminar was conducted as a continuing program of the Association.

For 2017, ten (10) employees took the Life Office Management Association (LOMA) exams to hone their knowledge on life and health insurance operations. LOMA is an international trade organization for the insurance and financial services industry which aims to improve management and operations of its partner members all over the world through quality employee training and development. KCFAPI has 7 Fellows, Life Office Management Institute (FLMI); 5 Associates, Life Office Management Institute (ALMI); 5 Professionals, Corporate Services (PCS) and 8 Associates, Corporate Services (ACS).
KCFAPI is a member of the Home Office Lay Underwriting Association of the Philippines (HOLUAP) and the Philippine Society of Insurance Medicine (PSIM). The Underwriting staff regularly attends the seminars conducted by both HOLUAP and PSIM as part of their continuing education and training.

Employee Health, Safety and Welfare

Paramount to KCFAPI’s concern is the employees’ good health, safety and welfare. For 2017, KCFAPI partnered with another Health Management Organization (HMO) to cater to the needs of our employees on a direct-access arrangement. Also, we ensured that the employees undergo the annual physical examination and have their follow-up exams when needed. This is to keep the body healthy since a healthy and fit body will result to happier and more productive employees.

The bi-weekly Zumba session has also given an avenue for the employees to exercise and let go of their stress while nurturing a better relationship with their co-employees.
If the body is healthy so as the spirit should also be. In keeping the faith and spirituality of the employees, we celebrate our weekly Eucharistic Mass at the Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ chapel and we had the regular “Pabasa” at the Oratory of Fr. Michael J. McGivney during the Holy Week. We also had our Stations of the Cross and Pilgrimage in Tarlac.

Of course, all regular employees are covered with a Group Health Plan and a Group Life Plan as part of their benefits. We also had the annual Christmas Party and Family Day for the month of December to share our time in the office with our family.

KCFAPI aims to integrate a greener environment in the workplace as it ensures that its value chain is consistent with promoting sustainable development or is environmentally friendly. It contributes to saving mother earth by reducing its energy consumption by replacing old air-conditioning units with inverter type aircons, replacing fluorescent lights with LED lamps and installing heat rejection window stickers. In addition, it actively promotes proper water consumption.

In keeping with the commitment to support the clergy and out of the P10 Million Seed of Hope Fund established in 2008, KCFAPI donated P1.0 Million to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for its priority projects. For 9 years, KCFAPI has made a total donation to CBCP of P8.136 Million.

KCFAPI donates P25,000 monthly or P300,00 annually to “The Word Exposed” which is the regular TV program of His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, DD. This is the 6th year KCFAPI has supported this cause and will continue to do so in the coming years.
To show solidarity with the Knights of Columbus Order, employees actively participated in the Walk for Life of both Luzon North and Luzon South Jurisdictions. This is a regular activity of the KofC Order which KCFAPI joins as it believes that valuing life from its conception is our responsibility as Roman Catholics.

In celebration of KCFAPI’s 59th anniversary, with the theme “59 nAPOTayo”, the Association prepared a week-long activity. On September 8, a Mass was celebrated during the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After which, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the KCFAPI Center Lobby to open the exhibit of several Marian Images. The exhibit lasted for almost a month. From the 8th to the 14th of September, the Benefit Certificate Relations Office had their BC Holders’ Week were activities and games were held for the clients and tokens were given away. As a highlight to mark the 59th anniversary, a Thanksgiving Mass was offered at the San Agustin Church on the 14th of September for the 40th Death Anniversary of Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ. This was aired on September 17, 2017 at IBC-13. A wreath laying ceremony followed. On the eve of the 14th of September, an Open Zumba Marathon was held at the KofC Manila Council 1000 gymnasium. To conclude the week-long anniversary celebration, the Fraternal Benefits Day was held on the 15th of September. The day started with a seminar on Lay Underwriting and Financial Management that was conducted by Atty. Reynaldo F. Paris, HOLUAP Consultant. In the afternoon, the Incentive Qualifiers Awarding followed giving recognition to Area Managers and Fraternal Counselors who attained their targets. To end the day, the KCFAPI Grandparents’ Day was celebrated. This celebration is in relation to the new market of KCFAPI who are the grandchildren of Knights of Columbus members who now can enjoy the privilege of having a fraternal coverage.

Several contributions were made to the Order of the Knights of Columbus in 2017 and they are: About P2.5 Million was given to the Order for the 4 state conventions, membership expansion, new assembly and council development, cash incentives and jewels. KCFAPI also sponsors the National Convention held every 3 years. Annually, it sends Bishops for every jurisdiction to attend the Supreme Convention in the U.S.A. by covering their transportation expenses.


As KCFAPI approaches its 60th year of existence, it transforms itself to become better if not the best in its field.

To reach this goal of strengthening itself to be able to capitalize on these changes, it will need Divine Intervention. Hence, the hard work it will have to do must be coupled with trust in the Lord Almighty which will catapult it to attain the set corporate objectives in the years to come. For 2018, it has targeted a gross revenue of P764 Million from its First Year Contribution Income of P160 Million, Renewal Year Contribution Income of P569 Million and Group Insurance of P33 Million. It aims to achieve a bottom line of P63.5 Million for the year making its total resources P5.7 Billion at the end of the year.

The achievements for the previous years would not have been reached if not for the support and guidance of our Board of Trustees and we extend our most sincere thanks to the contributions made by Bro. Arsenio Isidro G. Yap, former Chairman, and Bro. Hilario G. Davide, Jr., former Vice-Chairman, for their valuable time as members of the Board of Trustees of KCFAPI until June 30, 2017.

Finally, to you our brother knights and your families, we thank you for your continuing support in our quest to cover as many brother knights and their families with fraternal protection. May the Holy Spirit be always with us now and in the coming years.
Vivat Jesus!

President/Chief Executive Officer

Father of Knights of Columbus in the Philippines


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