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State Jurisdictions start the year with the Mid-Year Meeting of District Deputies

In photo (L-R): Visayas Deputy Anthony P. Nazario, Luzon North Deputy and Supreme Director Jose C. Reyes Jr, and Luzon South Deputy Ramoncito A. Ocampo during the series of meetings held within their respective jurisdictions.

To start the year 2018, the various state jurisdictions of the Order of the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines initiated their Mid-Year Meeting of District Deputies’ nationwide to recap the past year and convey what should be and what must be done for the current year as part of the continuous intensification of the order within the country.  read more »

KofC Philippines and KCFAPI celebrates the Birth Anniversary of Fr. Willmann

JUNE 29, 2017 – It was the Solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul when the Order of the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines and the KCFAPI, its fraternal benefits arm, celebrated the 120th birth anniversary of its Father and Founder, Fr. George J. Willmann, Servant of God.  read more »

Philippine Jurisdictions Held Organizational Meeting of District Deputies

LUZON SOUTH JURISDICTION: JUNE 24-25 - Hundreds of participants from different councils under the Luzon South Jurisdiction gathered on June 24-25, 2017 at the Bellevue Hotel Manila to hold their 2017 Organizational Meeting of District Deputies. The event was spearheaded by Luzon South Deputy Ramoncito A. Ocampo together with its State Officers.  read more »

Knights of Columbus celebrates 135th Founder’s Day

EVERY 29th day of March, the Order of the Knights of Columbus celebrates its Founder’s Day. This is the day wherein the Connecticut Legislature approved the charter of the Knights of Columbus on the year 1882, founded by the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven.

At St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, a Holy Mass is celebrated each year and is attended by the relatives of the venerable father, the supreme officers and the members of the order.  read more »

KC Philippines District Deputies Mid-Year Meeting Welcomes 2017

Recruit, reactivate and report - these were the three resonating words conveyed during the nationwide District Deputies Mid Year meeting for Columbian year 2016-2017. It was consequently held in four jurisdictions spearheaded by the four State Deputies: Bro. Jose C. Reyes, Jr. (KC Luzon North), Bro. Ramoncito A. Ocampo (KC Luzon South), Bro. Anthony P. Nazario (KC Visayas) and Bro. Reynaldo C. Trinidad (KC Mindanao).  read more »

Davide: Recipients of The 2016 Family Values Award

Bro. Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr. and Sis. Virginia “Gigi” P. Davide as the recipients of the 2016 Family Values Award. In her speech, Sis. Gigi accounted for the strong Catholic formation of their children and grandchildren handed down from the three (3) generations: starting from their union down to their five (5) children and passing these values to their fourteen (14) grandchildren.  read more »

4 State Deputies Mid-Year Meeting

Luzon North Deputy Jose C. Reyes, Jr., MPC Vince Pacis, Mindanao State Deputy Reynaldo C. Trinidad, Luzon South Deputy Ramoncito A. Ocampo and Visayas State Deputy Anthony P. Nazario attended the Mid-year Meeting of State Deputies in Orlando, Florida.  read more »

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