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First Luzon South Jurisdiction State Convention

STATE Deputy Ramoncito A. Ocampo announced that the first Luzon South State Convention, themed “Building the Domestic Church”, will be held on April 1, 2016 at the Taal Vista Lodge, Tagaytay City.  read more »

KC, KCFAPI send 104 official delegates to International Eucharistic Congress

More than one hundred official delegates of the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines were attending the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) in Cebu from January 24 to 31 sponsored by its insurance arm, the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI).  read more »

Sainthood bid opens for Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ

The Cardinal then focused on the question: What does it mean to be holy? With the opening of the Cause, he said that Fr. George J. Willmann, St. Ambrose and Mother Mary all responded to sanctity and holiness. Cardinal Tagle clarified that “Holiness is an attribute of God and not man’s achievement nor his work. It is God who is Holy and our holiness is a gift of God – our oneness with Him”.

Cardinal Tagle added that the message of the First Reading is that the Holiness of God is seen with marvelous work – like transforming a desert into a garden filled with water and flowers where we are able to drink from God’s goodness with a safe road along the holy way. The desert symbolizes humanity that is seen to be dry, fruitless, empty and even lifeless. However, when God enters, all these are transformed into a bountiful garden. God’s Holiness always creates miracles. “Whenever we experience hopelessness loaded with faults, we must not be afraid for that is the time when God will come to infuse His Holiness and cure the sickness. That is the Good News”. Cardinal Tagle added that during this season of advent, we must look deeper into our deserts in order to experience the Holiness of God.  read more »

Ex-SC Justice to fellow ‘knights’: Pray for Willmann’s cause

Former Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr. has called on fellow members of the Knights of Columbus (KC) nationwide to keep praying for the eventual “raising to the altar” of the group’s spiritual father, Fr. George J. Willmann, S.J., who was declared “Servant of God” Monday, Dec. 7,

“So what is demanded of us as members of Knights of Columbus? What is demanded of us as members of Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines [KCPAFI]?” he asked. “We need to pray a lot. Pray, pray, pray that the tribunal will listen to the evidence presented. Pray, pray, pray that the tribunal will actually collate all the evidence and determine once and for all that what has been presented through our postulator is credible to merit the conferment of beatification later on. This is our task.”  read more »

Process for PH’s new ‘Servant of God’ opens

Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle officially accepted on Monday, Dec. 7, the Feast of St. Ambrose, the petition to open an investigation on the sanctity and heroic virtues of Fr. George J. Willmann, S.J., who is credited for strengthening the Knights of Columbus (KC) in the Philippines, among other Catholic lay organizations.

At least 1,000 of the naturalized Filipino Jesuit priest’s spiritual children from all over the country, including no less than former Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr., became part of Philippine Church history as they witnessed at the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica the solemn opening of the archdiocesan process they hope would lead to beatification and canonization.  read more »

Climate Change Awareness Spearheaded by K of C in Honor of Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ

The K of C North and South Jurisdictions conducted a series of activities in honor of Fr. George J. Willmann, S.J. Instead of the regular annual tree planting activity, the two jurisdictions were advised by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to change their event due to the El Niño being experienced today. Because of the said phenomenon, the Jurisdiction’s annual tree planting activity was deferred.

Instead, the North Luzon Jurisdiction came up with a climate change symposium, while the South Luzon Jurisdiction conducted a coastal clean-up project.  read more »

Lay group vows to support refugees in Europe

Local brother knights have pledged to support the call of Pope Francis and the Knights of Columbus (KC) Supreme Council to help refugees from the Middle East who are fleeing to Europe by thousands.

“Aside from our charitable works that we could offer to the people [refugees] there, we should be involved not only spiritually but also financially in order to help them,” said Justice Jose Reyes, Jr., KC Luzon North Deputy and President of the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI).  read more »

Social Media may cause ‘Passive Parenting’, group warns

Though social media definitely has positive effects on the young like promoting creativity, interaction, and learning, it may also give rise to so-called “passive parenting”. “Social media can also result in passive parenting and benign neglect caused by parents’ reliance on gadgets,” said DMII Committee on Morality in Media Chairperson Dr. Edna Mae O. Landicho, PhD.  read more »

TEAM LOVE BANK : Light warriors for the Elderly

GMRC test, question number one: You are about to go through a door with an old folk at the same time, what will you do? Elementary, my dear Watson. “Age before beauty.”

We always knew what this phrase meant and that is to let the old folks pass through first. Nonetheless, let’s try understanding this particular phrase beyond its denotation. For instance, before you can achieve genuine beauty, you must go through age. True enough, people nowadays fear getting old, having wrinkles, scars, white hair, flabs, and telling how long you’ve been here on earth. Really, what is to be ashamed of about that? Imagine yourself, aged 80, you’re all smooth and unscathed. Amazing, but tell me what did you go through? Let smoothness speak…nothing. Now that’s a shame. As Polish aphorist Stanislaw Jerzy Lec puts it, “Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art.”  read more »


Family gatherings are never complete without the elderly, our Lolos and Lolas. Their elation in seeing their children, especially the grandchildren always brightens the mood of the gathering. At family reunions they never grow tired of telling stories about their younger years. For our elderly Lolos and Lolas, to see their family around them is an event they always look forward to. But for some of the needy elderly in our society they are left without a family. Worst, they are abandoned by their families and left to tend for themselves and toil for their own subsistence.  read more »

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