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Vermi-culture brings added Council income

FOR the past several months, several members of Santa Cruz Council 7830 adopted vermiculture as backyard activity to produce organic fertilizers from its wastes, aptly referred to as vermicasts.  read more »

Council 5465 vies for State Council Service Awards CY 2008-2009

DON Carlos Council of Bukidnon, Mindanao (Council #5465) submitted the following activities as their entries for the State Council Service Program Awards for the Columbian Year 2008-2009 which will be judged on June 2009.

Summer Games in April 2008  read more »

Philippine Deputies receive circle of honor award

THE Knights of Columbus Philippine State Deputies for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao were granted the Circle of Honors Awards by the Supreme Council for attaining the target of membership recruitment 100 per cent.  read more »

Visayas District Deputies Organizational Meeting held

THE annual Regional, Provincial and District Organizational Meeting on June 27-29, at the DepEd ECOTECH Center, Lahug, Cebu City, signaled the start of Columbian Year 2008-2009 for the Visayas Jurisdiction.  read more »

KC Mindanao Jurisdiction ushers in new Columbian Year

By Sofronio R. Cruz

EVERY month of July, the Order of the Knights of Columbus everywhere ushers in a fresh year, called a Columbian Year, with high enthusiasm and expectancy. This mindset is anchored on a firm commitment and renewed resolve to face more challenges in achieving higher membership growth rates, and in undertaking more and better service programs, compared to the previous years.  read more »

Activities of the Order on the social responsibilities of our faith.

This is a sample forum that the brother Knights may actively participate in the discussion. Post can be restricted either by requiring users to register first or maybe left open for anonymous posting.

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