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History of KC Foundations

THE first foundation of the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines, the Columbian Farmers’ Aid Association (CFAA), was established ahead of the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI). It was founded in November of 1951 shortly before the closing of the Holy Year that was proclaimed by the Holy Father, Pope Pius XII.  read more »

KC Fr. George J. Willmann Charities, Inc.

Originally established as Fr. Willmann Fund for Seminarians and then merged which Christopher Foundation, this was expanded in 2000 to become KC Fr. George J. Willmann Charities, Inc. In its Articles of Incorporation amended on April 15, 1998, the following are its purposes:  read more »

KC Philippines Foundation, Inc.

This Foundation was established on October 21, 1970. It was organized in accordance with Sec 2(b) of Art. XIV of the By-Laws of KCFAPI which provides that some surplus funds of the Association would be allocated to said Foundation which will carry out religious, educational, social relief, war relief, public relief or any charitable work.

The purposes of the Foundation as amended in 1975 are:  
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